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Open Your Door to Art
DALL·E 2023-04-24 13.53.47 - a dramatic photograph of a horse that is an art collector wit
Grow Your Collection and Build Community
Art:Collector:Horse is a monthly art-collecting subscription service
that brings the art world to your world 
Our mission is simple:

Cultivate a new class of connected collectors.

You can grow your community, learn what is behind the art
from the artists who create it, and HAVE FUN doing it!

We do that by:

1. Connecting art enthusiasts with art and the artists in their community. 

2. Providing artists with a sustainable income.

We install artwork in your home for a monthly membership fee and connect you to other collectors and artists through exclusive events, studio visits, and online content. 

Firefly a horse melting next to a clock in the style of the persistence of time 87005 (1)_

The Gift of Time

We know that developing a relationship with art takes time.


That's what being an Art:Collector:Horse gives you - time.


Time to move past those first impressions and into a more meaningful relationship with the artwork in your home.

Time to grow your cultural palette.

Time to take risks.

Time to learn who you are as a collector.

A New Art Experience

We believe that art is a conduit for experience, and that by spending time with an artwork, we allow ourselves to open up to that experience.


Not every artwork triggers a meaningful experience for everyone, which is why we rotate our work. And when you do find that perfect fit, you can extend the artwork's stay in your home by Keeping It.


Buy it outright, continue your monthly subscription until you own it, or just extend its residency by a few months; it's up to you.

Firefly a horse opening up to an art experience 45810_edited.jpg

Ready to Go?

We have a limited number of Collector:Horse slots
available, so don't delay. 


The hometown gallery in your home.

Art:Collector:Horse was born when an artist, Nathan Sharratt, won a bunch of awards for his art, got some big commissions, showed in galleries and museums, and got super famous and stuff. He even shared his art to local collectors. But Nathan found out that the existing collector class is already pretty saturated with art, and there aren't that many of them. Nathan realized there was a need to cultivate and inspire a new class of collectors. One that benefitted both the collectors and artists, that was sustainable and local, and educated collectors by connecting them to the stories and people behind the art.


But he was very lazy, so he outsourced the whole thing to a horse.

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art"

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Art is what you can get away with"

- Andy Warhol


- Horse

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Congrats! You're a Horse!
JK Horses aren't real. But we will be in touch!

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