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How We Do It

Each month an expert art installer comes to your location and hangs new artwork on your wall, and absconds with the previous month's artwork. You cannot choose which artwork or artist you receive, but you can choose to extend your relationship with the work another month by letting us know when scheduling your next swap date.


The Small Print

By signing up to be an Art:Collector:Horse, you agree to give the artwork at least one month to whisper sweet nothings into your ear. In other words, give it a chance; you may find something that resonates with you that didn't reveal itself at first glance—that's kind of the whole point of this thing. 

To stave off returns, we have a fancy Art Support chat, where a real-live art expert will dutifully read your anxious ravings about your monthly artwork's content, ask calm but probing questions, and guide you toward context-building educational materials.

If you just can't fathom a full month with a particular art, we offer a limited number of premature swaps per year, and you can earn more swaps, sneak peeks, and other cool perks by participating in the community and availing yourself of our nifty educational content.

You may cancel your membership at any time, and we will pick up your installed artwork at the next scheduled swap date, and even fill in the nail hole with some spackle.


The Information You Need to Know

No warranty is expressed or implied. However, unlike most art services or even galleries, artwork is insured by us. For us to file a claim, the artwork will be seized by the insurance company and removed from the world. So like, be kind to your art. If you have too many claims we may cancel your membership.

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