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Monetize your unsold inventory.

Being an Artist:Horse has many benefits, but the main one is money. You get paid every time your artwork gets installed in an Art:Collector:Horse's stall (don't tell them we call their house a stall).

At least 60% of the Placement Fee for your work goes to you. You can earn higher percentages through our incentive program (collector referrals and other community-based activities).

How does it work?

Essentially, A:C:H is buying your work over time, at the retail price set by your last three sales at the time of submission. The downside is that you agree to leave the work with A:C:H until your total Placement Fees collected has reached your set retail price. The time this takes is variable based on your Placement Fee percentage and the retail price of the work. 

So many bonuses.

If one of your works is purchased by a Collector:Horse, you get paid your remaining retail balance PLUS a bonus profit split of at least 5%.


 Once your work has been paid off, if it's still in circulation, you can earn a bonus 5% on Placement Fees for up to a year. So add it all up and you can earn MORE than your retail price.

Kind of a no brainer, eh?
Apply now.
DALL·E 2023-04-24 13.50.49 - a dramatic photograph of a horse with a paintbrush in its mou

You must live in the metro-Atlanta, GA area, or have lived here within the past ten years, or have a referral from one of our existing artists.

Thanks for submitting!

What's Next?

After you apply, we'll review your portfolio and be in touch! 
Meanwhile, feel free to make an account on the site via the Members page.

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