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Nathan Sharratt
Do you work for the HORSE?HORSE Staff
One of our official artists.Artist:Horse

Welcome to all new Artist:Horses!

We're so excited to get your work in the homes of collectors and grow our community!

To get started with onboarding here's a checklist:

✅ Sign up on the site (you've done this cause you're here)

✅ Join Artist and Collector groups

✅ Agree to Artist terms and conditions (sent separately)

✅ Provide Artist pic and short bio

✅ Select first artwork to circulate with curator Nate ( box size is 36 x 5 x 42 so has to fit framed inside that with extra space)

✅ Pick up to 3 reserve artworks

✅ Provide artwork info in form (sent separately) for wall label

✅ Write short description on each artwork's process

✅ Write short description on each artwork's concept

✅ Record a video talking about the circulating artwork(s) (Nate will guide you on this)

✅ Write introductory blog post for Collectors

✅ Earn Points by engaging with the community, participating in ACH events, and completing tasks

✅ Spend points to get perks, including higher Placement Fee percentages for an artwork

[Did I miss anything? -N]



Meredith Ochoa


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